The Academy.


The Academy is a transformational experience that will give innovative thinkers the spiritual formation, business resources, start-up capital, and personal network necessary to become intentional entrepreneurs. In this life-changing 5-month course set in a different world-class city each summer, Institute participants will learn about God, His world, and His plans for business. The dynamic resources that the Institute provides come to life in world-class cities like Singapore and Amsterdam, where ideas about God meet their match in fast-paced business culture.

The Academy experience begins with 12 weeks of lectures and training. This educational aspect of The Academy exposes Institute participants to the expertise of a wide array of academics, business professionals, and social practitioners whose own education and experience as witnesses of the intersection between faith and business makes them ideal teachers. Participants are expected to come prepared for interactive learning that will challenge and invigorate their ideas about faith in the marketplace.

Each Academy summer is capped off by 10 weeks of service and outreach. As the vanguard of critical, faithful thinking at the forefront of business, the Institute equips participants to

directly apply their newly fortified understanding of the way belief informs and is informed by the marketplace. This exercise begins with the Academy experience, when participants have the full backing of the Institute staff and its training resources. It’s in this supportive setting that participants first implement the skills that the Academy intends to create: the ability to foster faithful business practices to overcome the social injustices facing the world, in the world.

The Academy is a competitive program free of cost to accepted applicants. Participants are selected to participate in this experience based on their willingness to face the challenge of transforming the world and their potential to do so by bringing faithful spirituality to the contemporary marketplace. The Academy provides a wealth of experiences, offering participants insight into both theory and practice, exposing them to faith-filled business principles and innovative execution. The combination of experienced teachers and impassioned learners fosters a creative environment where growth is not only valued, but expected. By inviting intentional entrepreneurs to participate in this program free of charge, the Academy creates circumstances in which real change is possible.

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