As a community of dreamers and doers who train leaders to integrate their faith in the marketplace, The Institute for the Study of Faith and the Marketplace has a two-fold vision:

First, the Institute researches and reports on issues regarding faith and the marketplace. In gathering and interpreting historical matters, important new ideas, and current events, the Institute creates a library of resources to inform and inspire marketplace innovators. These valuable resources provide the kind of relevant, empowering information necessary to understanding the issues facing contemporary business.

Second, the Institute runs The Academy, a competitive, practical boot camp for a select group of aspiring entrepreneurs who come from all over the world to learn free of charge about business and the integration of faith into the marketplace. In this dynamic community, Participants will learn, network, and receive startup funding for projects that will help solve the world’s biggest problems. Academy participants will gain the spiritual and business skills necessary to actualize their ideas for social enterprise. They will re-enter the marketplace equipped with the support of an experienced mentor and vibrant community of Institute network members..

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Hallqvist Albertson
Board Chair

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